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Honeybee Lane Puppy Transport

Toni Rhine-(Dylan Bowin Owner Of Honeybee Lane Doodles Aunt)

Ph: 918-314-0184

Toni, or as we ALL call her, D...has been working with puppies, adult dogs, hunting dogs, show rabbits, chickens, name it, she's done it, FOR YEARS! Over 25 years to be exact! AND She has always done it with a smile on her face, and all with so much love and care for every animal she has come in contact with.

D is no stranger to the breeding world and caring for small puppies. She is a former Shih-tzu breeder with almost 10 years experience. D also has MANY years of driving experience driving for a trucking company. So lets just say you don't have to worry about her getting lost or your puppy being neglected ;)

Did we mention... she has VERY affordable prices to safely bring your new family member to YOUR FRONT DOOR!? Also, D is willing to meet at a nearby airport (Tulsa Ok,Springfield Mo,Bentonville AR) for just $150.00 if you'd rather fly with your new pupster!

One more thing... I can PROMISE you, you will not find a more caring transporter around and your new family member couldn't be in better hands!

To reserve a transport date and get a quote, contact D or myself (Dylan) BY TEXT FIRST to the following numbers:

First contact- D (Toni) Rhine- 918-314-0184

Second contact- Dylan Bowin- 620-429-5651

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